As an author, historical consultant and fight director with a successful career spanning three decades in the film, television and media industries, I have worked alongside many of the most famous, talented and recognised people in the industry on award-wining productions such as: Braveheart, We Were Soldiers, Gladiator, Highlander and Saving Private Ryan.

As a Scottish martial arts champion and sword-master, my introduction to film-making began as a fight and weaponry stuntman on the in 1986 film Highlander, in which I was highly commended by the film's director, Russell Mulcahy. I quickly gathered an unrivalled reputation, becoming the first choice of movie makers and producers seeking reliable historical consultancy, training and choreography for their major fight scenes.

Commissions worldwide led to work on hundreds of productions including features such as Chasing the Deer, The Bruce, Macbeth, Merlin, King Arthur, and King Lear, as well as productions for:
The History Channel, Discovery Network, NBC, BBC and STV, including many other national and international film, documentary and production companies.

I have perhaps been most closely associated with the Oscar-winning film Braveheart. From the project's inception I worked in collaboration with the film's screenwriter, Randall Wallace, to provide continued consultancy, support, advice, film crew, assistant directors, actors and stunt teams, culminating in the honour of being mentioned at the world famous Academy Award ceremonies for my contribution to the film's success.

I also produced the emotive central soundtrack, 'Sgt MacKenzie,' for the film Once We Were Young
by Mel Gibson.

Seoras Wallace: Reply to the many enquiries regarding: "Wallace" the Legend

An epic series of fictional novels (8) telling the Wallace family legend of William Wallace are almost complete pending English lit edit.

There is not a great deal of historical account nor record about the life of Wallace and writers down through the ages have guessed pretty much everything... But no writer ever asked nor enquired the family of that name about the story of their blood?

The family legends passed down each generation has a wealth of information and for the first time the tenth "Sennachaidh" (sennaky),or story teller since Wallace walked the beautiful Wolf and Wildcat forests of Galloway and the Carrick makes public the family legend of "Wallace"

Never before has such an in-depth story been told from the family legend perspective. It's controversial and will shatter many of the popular myths about the life of William Wallace. It tells of his loves... the woodland princess Affric ua Bruan, Maid Marion and finally Bernice of Navarre and "WHY" Edward Longshanks who sought to be Magnate supreme of Christendom at the head of the Northern Kings alliance "The Great Cause" attacked Scotland and pursued William Wallace a lowly Scots knight and his friend and ally Andrew Moray with a vengeance.

The Legend of Wallace also details Wallace's time as a Pirate Corsair with de Longueville. His time fighting for the French King Philip against the English Kings army and details his mission as Scotland's ambassador to the aspiring Hanseatic federation visiting Lubek Cologne and Visby. The Legend also tells what happened when the Scots army at the Battle of Roslyn rebelled against the nobles and proclaimed Wallace King and his volatile relationship with Robert the Bruce... Wallace the Legend by Seoras Wallace and basis for the treatment for the forthcoming TV series 'Wallace" is coming soon

I thank the international test readers who have not only been a great asset in their opinions an also an vital inspiration to me on this three year project. I thank you each and every one Slainte ae mo chara.

(The graphic novel series is also in the pipeline under the mentorship of Aldo Requena an outstanding artist of international repute)

The Wallace TV series Novels and Graphic books will be the final definitive chapter in the telling of this story the Wallace... watch this space...

Current projects include:

WALLACE: A series of novels depicting the family legend of William Wallace from 1286-1305.

WALLACE: High budget series based on the Braveheart hero in development with
STV Productions, Digital Rights Group, Nine/8 Entertainment, and Creative Media.

WALLACE the Legend of Braveheart: Series of twelve graphic novels depicting the life of William Wallace from 1286-1305.

SHANNEEN: Legend of Inniscatha: Legendary Queen of the Fae . In development with: FilmcastUK-International, Heilan Coo Productions and AH Arthouse (Ireland).

SAINT-VALERY-en-Caux: Based on the events of the Second World War, This is the untold story of the heroes who were left behind to make a last stand on the cliff tops of Saint Valery. In development with: FilmcastUK-International and CG Productions.

My professionalism and commitment continues to be foremost in my career, wherever it takes me, as echoed and exampled by leading film-makers and producers worldwide.

“Our Experience working with Seoras Wallace, has been nothing but positive. He has been an efficient, hardworking and most of all, trustworthy addition to our team, his willingness to participate and contribute is second only to his work ethic, Seoras would be an asset to any production and we could not recommend Seoras Wallace more highly"
Mel Gibson,
Icon Productions.

"The reason we got you Seoras Wallace, your fight crews and your guys in the production team, is your reputation for adding a realistic dimension and influence on films of this genre is outstanding…..and we were right !"
Stephen Spielberg / Ridley Scott

Chasing the Deer
"To my certain knowledge, “Chasing the Deer“ is the first major feature film ever dedicated to the Fight arranger and his crew. The reason for this is that Seoras Wallace and the men and women of the Wallace Clan production team are simply the most competent, professional and dedicated close combat crew we have ever worked with."
Bob Carruthers,
Cromwell Films PLC

Once were Soldiers
“Your contribution to the soundtrack was outstanding, the musical score “Sgt MacKenzie” elevated a private soldiers story to world recognition, a fact recognised in the accolades of the Vietnam war veterans and all who heard your work, we wish you continuing success in your endeavours and vocation, and not only would recommend you to other film makers because of your outstanding contribution, but to further your vocational aspirations”
Mel Gibson, Randal Wallace,
Icon Productions.

BBC Scotland
"I would just like to put on record our appreciation for what you are trying to do for the culture and history of Scotland, and trust that those who are in a position to fund and support the work you do will come forward in due course and enable Seoras Wallace to continue as a unique medium in our history and repay you for all the work you have done in raising money for United Kingdom and international charities."
Bob Wood, Executive Producer,
BBC Scotland

New York Screen Commissioner
"It is very important that people like Seoras Wallace and his production team, the Wallace Clan, are involved with these major Hollywood productions, as it reflects well on the continuing quality of work that flows from Scotland,  Seoras Wallace and the Clan Wallace are one of Scotland`s finest exports."
Patricia Reed.